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sooo i figured i'd update. it seems to be the cool thing to do lately. i havent been dead since halloween, but not much has been as exciting as that. i dunno, life's been okay. i'm not a big fan of school on the general principle of the thing. so, i hate classes and stuff, and homework. and for reasons i dont like staying here much. but also it beats going home to mom and her constant badgering. i dont like how things are split. half my shits at school, the other half is at home, yanno? it makes it all so difficult to keep track off.

on that note, i tried installing a new sims game for the past 2 days. and it wouldnt let me until i unloaded sims pets and then reloaded it. so i did. but as i go to reinstall i find i left the booklet at home with the pass code. way to go kelsi. so instead i just uploaded the new one and lost all my previous data. oh well. life goes on. . .

so i thought i'd read this new book i bought. it's a typical smutty vampire novel, i mean, it's called "The Vampire Queen's Servant" and it looked pretty good, and i was real excited to read it. so i did. but i find that chapter three ends. . . .and then the book continues on in the middle of chapter 7. where are my missing chapters? i do not know. but it makes it rather difficult to continue this book. so i was saddened.

i was in the reading mood, so i picked up another book to read, called "The Bitten" i figured it was another smutty vamp novel, and then i find out, its the 4th in the serise. and i just couldnt bring myself to start in the middle of a serise. that just isnt right.

so instead i picked up the book "The Vampire Lestat" which i know i read the first one, so i figured i could go ahead and read it. it's pretty good so far. i enjoy it. not as smutty as i was hoping to read. actually, theres been no smut. which, is sad.

and now im sitting in my room, just got back from dinner, which was alright as far as chartwells goes. and i think that about sums up todays entry. sit tight, there may be another one in a few months
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