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so . . .yeah. where to begin. haha. well today was my graduation party. and it was great. it started out just hanging out with socrates ryanne and ashliegh. and then caressa kelcey and pat showed up. it was fun we all talked and stuff . . .then max showed up with a bouquet of roses for me . . .i think i attacked him when i saw him and them . . .haha. they are SOOO pretty!!! haha. and then a lot of people came and went. such as Kari, Joey, Greg, my little cousins, and so on. im really thankful for all the fun things i got. and cards and stuff (ryanne haha still love the card) and of course there was guitar hero playing, due to the fact that i just got a new controller and the 80s version. hahaha. alright i need to wrap this up . . .my eyes hurt. stupid contacts. . .
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