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yeeah, since i cant sleep, i decided id update this thing. haha

yeah, so for the most part summer is really rather boring. i mean, i dont do much. but, whatever. so, this weekend ive actually done stuff, which was actually quite fun. Kari and i went to the mall. we had a great time, we looked in all the stores and stuff. and we totally bought matching earrings, cause we are cool like that. we also went to bath and body works. omg i was so psyched, they were having a huge sale, and i'm surprised i didn't buy, like, the whole store. haha. ohh! and i'm getting a new cellphone! how awesome is that?? i mean, i have had the same old phone for like 3 or 4 years now. haha, so its about time i got a new one. yeah. today was fun too, i went over kyla's house. ryanne and ashliegh were there too. so we had a great time. seeing people after a whole week of seeing no one was great fun. :-P

so yeah, i guess this entry also is a cry for "people! comment if you want to hang out!" haha. okies. i think im done. im going to try my hand at that sleeping thing again.

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