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well now, i havent updated for awhile . . .lets go through the major things, shall we?
PROM, that was a lot of fun. we all go prettied up, and it was great. we danced and laughed and had a grand old time. though the DJ was a dick and said he "didnt have cotton eyed joe" bullshit! but whatever, it was still good. then i got a group photo done with those who wanted to take one with me, and it came out very nicely. then i went over ryannes
AFTERPARTY we took the limo back to ryanne's house, and we stayed up all night. we watched movies. we watched History of the World part 1, The Princess Bride, and both Pirates movies. we then went to see the Third one, which was good.
WORK so i started working at the haunted house, and thats been okay. i stand outside and try to get kids/partents/old people to go through.
SENIOR WEEK sooo, we had senior week, i went to the hypnotist and that was great, ryanne and adrianna got hypnotized which was awesome. they were adorable. and then we got to bug them by saying terrific and they had to say "thanks i know!" which was amusing. then we got our yearbooks. and we did the signing thing, and that was cool. i didnt go to the karaoke.
ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE/ON TIDY ENDINGS it was show night. we did well, and i only messed up like a word, though people didnt laugh. *pout* but it was one of the saddest nights. when it was over Ferg called all the seniors on stage and was like "come up for your final curtain call" yeah kyla and me started bawling. it was ending! and we couldnt stop crying.
GRADUATION so i did it, i sat through it and it was boring, i had my headphones in for most of it. like i listened to the kids speeches cause i respect them and what they had to say, but when the teachers started going i was like yep *play* lol, and then when C house was called they made a lot of noise, and so us D house was like, we have to top them!! we were going to do the wave, but that didnt work out too well. so we screamed and hooted and hollered it was good. then we went up! omg! lol, and when they called me i walked and did the rock on devil horns, and got my diploma. which was awesome. we went to the ground round when we were done. it was nice.
SALEM PLACEMENT EXAMS i had salem placement exams today, and we had to take a computer knowledge test, and then we had to do a writing comp, then english and math. i did great on the english i got a 110, math not so good . . .i got a 34 . . .oops . . .and then we did our course selection, which was cool, and overwhelming at the same time. but hey, its all good. im actually doing this! im going to college and im out of highschool. its amazing.
NEW YORK so tuesday coming up is New York with showchoir for our banquet which is awesome, cause its the end. whoo! okies. i think im done! congrats to everyone else! we are done!
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