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so waltham happened. i though we did rather well, i felt the energy and the greatness of our show for the first time. apparently the judges didnt feel it though. we got a silver and then we did not make the night show. and it sucked, because i was on stage to accept our award, so when we werent called, it took everything i had to not cry right there on stage in front of everyone. so, we went back to our room, and i was obviously on the verge of tears the entire time, and everyone was being so nice and trying to cheer me up, natalie sam and jess all gave me kisses on my cheeks, so i had some beautiful lipstick marks. they were really awesome. i didnt cry. surprisingly. lol. but yeah, i made it all the way home without crying, and i still havent. though it sucks because i have dedicated 4 years of my life to this group to get a "silver thanks for coming fuck you too!" my last year. but i guess thats just how things work. i mean we will never be as good as the moulin rouge set was, and in my four years we were never better then my sophomore year. but whatever. its over now. and i can dedicate my time to something else. speaking of which, i will be trying out for the one act plays fergs doing for the rest of the year. maybe things will still end with a bang instead of a face plant in the mud.

fuck you i know this entry's emo.
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awww *hugs* I'm sorry hun.
it's not emo if there's a reason for being sad *hug* I love you, and I think you guys did an amazing job,
im so sorry luv. i know how badly you wanted it... :( *hugs*
I agree with Rhiannon, its not emo of the reason is logical. *hugs* I really am sorry hun, I don't know the magnitude of how you feel but as you know I've seen similar. I'm here if you need to vent. Or punch something >