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well just a quick update on my life since i cant sleep. so, since about tuesday of last week i was really really sick. everyone who goes to my school noticed i was out for four out of they 5 days last week, although i got a free sick day thanks to the snow day on valentines day.

valentines day, lets talk about that real quick. it didnt suck this year, besides the fact that i was sick, but yeah. i feel bad cause i had valentines to give to everyone but i didnt get a chance to see anyone or hand them out. but yeah, my boyfriend was a real sweetheart then entire time i was sick. and on valentines day he wrote me a sonnet. it was amazing. and it made me very happy.

so after my long time of vomiting and feeling generally crappy, i finally got better on sunday. so to celebrate i did what i do best. i went to the mall! lol. it was fun, though i didnt have much money, but it was good to be out of the house.

then monday i didnt do much of anything due to parents being crappy. lol.

so that brings us to today . . .erm, yesterday techincally. i had a lot of fun today. i went out with some friends. Kelcey, Caressa, and Ducky. we had a blast. first we went to the rockingham mall, which was great fun, i ended up buying a CD that i was debating on getting or not. i got it, and its fantastic, anyway. . . then we didnt really know what else to do, so we drove. Ducky wanted us to meet his mom just because he wanted to see her reaction to his punky emo friends. then we drove to newbury comics, which we ended up not going to right away. first we decided to be cool kids and stop off at jordans furniture to get some free dippin dots and to test out mattresses, cause we were all pretty sick of walking and stuff. we then realized we were still hungry so we went to friendlys and got ourselves the something about munchies plate, which was funny cause we were acting really high although we havent used drugs ever . . so that was amusing. then we decided we wanted to find Headliners . . .which we didnt find . . .but whatever, we had fun just driving around. then we finally made it to newbury comics. and we wanted to go into daddys junky music, but they closed too quickly . . .so we decided to head back home. all in all it was a great night, which was cool. and we all felt like real teenagers. and it was great. :-P

so yeah. thats my life. tune in next time for something else. . .i cant promise it will be interesting though :-P
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