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its about panic at the disco breaking up. now you dont have to read it

just gunna vent for a little bit. yeah, so i know its really stupid to get completely involved with your favorite music, like calling the band members by their names as if you know them. but i mean in high school one of the bands i listened to most really stuck with me, and i did feel close to them whether or not i actually ever met them or talked to them. it was like through their music i could understand and be close to them. it was a weird musical connection. one that probably helped push me into the musical career path i am on now. i know it is stupid and everyone constantly makes fun of them. but Panic at the Disco, really was something new and lively from the beginning. i know even when i first heard about them i thought they would be another stupid emo band, that no one would notice or care. but now, i have seen them twice in concert and listened to their albums countless times. they make for amazing music that just makes you feel good or makes you think. the songs take you to a different place. but tonight as usual im slow on the uptake but i heard that two members have left the band forever. one of them being their primary lyricist and the other being their bass player. i feel like they are letting us down kind of. like they couldn't sort out their differences. but still. the remaining members the vocalist and drummer are both great. but still the whole band together is what makes them great. i feel like i wont ever be able to listen to anything new they put out. i know i will give it a try, but honestly it breaks my heart. i know this is probably the stupidest entry. but you know music is my passion and it really hurts to see something so creative and beautiful crumble before my eyes. best of luck to all the boys of panic at the disco.
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