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today was very good. i woke up and went to work, which is always a good one. then i got picked up by my license having wheel wielding boyfriend. and he brought me home. he couldnt hang out right then so he dropped me off and i spent quality time with my puppy, and i watched Pretty Woman. such a good movie. anyway, finally my boyfriend was able to hang out and he came back and we hung out. we got some pizza and french fries. then we went to the movies. we saw "I love you, man!" which is a reeeeally great movie. totally worth your time. then we went to heritage for some ice cream. we were sitting inside just chatting, but then they started shutting lights off and we got the hint, so we left, and went across the street to the boulevard. we walked and sat on the pavilion and looked out at the deep navy of the river, and the lights flickering on the water. it was really romantic, and awesome. i love him so much. there is nothing better then a nice day
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