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batteries not included

well this whole crazy trip called freshman year:college edition is coming to a close. it's weird. i mean, I've lived here for a year now, and my roommate just moved out today. it was so strange, we talked earlier in the day, she gave me pizza, and then i went out with Rhiannon, and when i came back her side was completely empty. we weren't friends, but we coexisted well. now i am here till Monday, when i have my 2 finals. i just wish i could do them now to be done with it all, you know? it was a great feeling, i passed in my English portfolio which i finished two days before it was due, thank you very much, and i got praised for it being done on time. a lot of the class took the extension date which is next week. but i just wanted to pass it all in and not think about it again.

the last few weeks have been rather good. despite the mind numbing stress of "oh shit i need to finish this!" my mom took my sister and me to see Pat Benatar in concert. it was AMAZING. and i had a really great time. i knew more of her songs then i thought i would. it was cute, my mom and me singing along, and my sister rocking out. we were a sight to see. not to mention we had kick ass seats.

the next day after that my friend Rachel and i had a little adventure, we went into Boston to take the T into Bridgewater. one so i could visit Kyla, but also because that lucky bitch had Stephen Lynch coming to her school. haha, so naturally Rachel and i spent 20 dollars to go see a free show. Kyla and i had a blast, because lets face it, Stephen Lynch is fucking HILARIOUS. "jerking off in Bridgewater, jerking off in Bridgewater, prolly thinking bout your daughter" haha one of his spontaneous songs.

so that was really good. next year should be pretty awesome too. a few of my friends from here and i got one of the suites in central campus dorms. it should be wicked awesome. Marie and i will be roomies, then Rachel has the single, then Meg has a single and Chelsea and Colleen have the other double. we are crazy, already we have decided that our Christmas tree will have a pentacle on top. which is amazing.

also next year is going to be full of music majory goodness. I'm taking 5 music classes and then two gen eds. I'm either going to love my life or want to burn all my staff paper in a roaring inferno. either way, it should be interesting. and I'm going to be getting some hardcore bass lessons next year, so improving on that is a hope for my future. Gary, my chorus teacher heard i was taking bass and like told me how awesome that was, which made me feel good. hes like a Mr.D character, only less stressed, and doesn't freak out as easily. or at all. . . he makes a lot of the same dumb jokes and stuff and is a great conductor. we sang some wicked pretty pieces this year, which were also like majorly challenging. we did Faure's Requiem. fantastic. i stole the music to that one cause it was so good. and then we did Schubert's Mass in G. also pretty, and Randal Thompson's Alleluia. trust me some of those soprano notes were enough to give me a run for my money. but i prevailed. haha

wow, sorry for the like amazingly big update. . . but I'm the kind of tired, where my eyes are sleepy, but the rest of me isn't so I'm fighting myself to be awake, and yet when i lay down to sleep i have to fight to sleep. oh so fun. anyway. i think I'm gunna wrap this mutha up. see ya'll in like a few months. :-P
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