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i just had a little revelation. . .you know how one doesn't notice they have changed until someone points it out? well, thats not the case. i just thought back to last year, and i was such a different person then. i mean, sure the basic building blocks that make me Kelsi are still there, but, just, so many things are different. now it seems that all that i found extremely important to me last year, just isn't all that special this year. example. i went to New York. last year it was magical and full of wonder like "this is Broadway!" and this year, i went and it didn't feel like it was special. just another crowded city. last year, the musical was the most important thing to me, don't get me wrong, i still love musicals, but they aren't my main focus. also, last year, i was convinced i wanted to be on Broadway. and this year, i don't. its not important to me. and i just find it funny how i changed, so drastically within the span of a year. now, don't get me wrong, i had a great time in NYC, as i knew i would, but it was more exciting cause it was a chance to be away from everything, not because it was "OMFG NEW YORK NEW YORK 42ND STREET!" but yeah. anyway, just thought id share my random revelation. . .
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